SmARt PlaS

“In the joint project “SmARtPlaS”, a learning and research facility for Industry 4.0 approaches in electroplating is being set up at Fraunhofer IPA. Approaches to data utilization (smart data, big data) for predictive maintenance or optimal process control are being investigated and implemented for electrolyte management as well as for plant operation” (Source, Fraunhofer IPA, translated).

Emergo co-founder Carl-Philipp Hellmuth implemented an augmented reality editor and viewer for this purpose, which allows the user to enter data in an electroplating shop and retrieve it in augmented reality in real time via smartphone.

Crucial tasks in the project were:

  • The development of the augmented reality application (editor + viewer)
  • Connecting the app to an MQTT interface and REST API
  • Conducting the scientific study and publishing and issuing the resulting paper.
  • Modular architecture of the code architecture: For example, the application could also be used to label a nativity scene in AR with relatively little effort.

Project conducted by: Softec AG

SmARt Plas is a project of Fraunhofer IPA Stuttgartand (among others) Softec AG and was developed at the latter by Emergo co-founder Carl-Philipp Hellmuth as a master’s thesis. The master thesis resulted in an exhibition of the work at a prestigious international conference on and publication in the journal “ACM”.

January 19, 2022