Our Games

Games are our passion. We believe games are better when they allow the player to be creative. One possibility to enable the player’s creativity is to implement emergent systems. Using emergence makes entertainment products more enjoyable and serious games more effective!


We developed a prototype for Fireside for Stay Safe Jam 2020 with Linus Gärtig (Art) and Matthias Meeh (Audio). Fireside is a game that focuses the breaks on an adventure. You can play the game jam demo at:

On their journey, the player must manage their resources, gets to know other travelers, and mediates their conflicts. Fireside is a slow and warm experience, where the player explores a world but mostly explores the personalities and stories of other travelers.

French People and the Mafia

In French People and The Mafia, the player is a mafia boss who is playing a board game versus a rival.

The player moves figurines on a hexagonal grid to claim territory. Points of interest generate resources, which can be used to buy new figurines. Each figurine is assigned a combat value which increases by the number of surrounding allies (gang bonus). French People and the Mafia is a strategy game about moving your figurines efficiently and claim territory before your opponent does so.

Green Urban Climbing

We developed Green Urban Climbing for the bavarian state office for viniculture and gardening. The game was developed for the Landesgartenschau in Ingolstadt and was exhibited at Grüne Woche in Berlin.

In Green Urban Climbing the player must harvest fruit and catch insects on a 24-inch touchscreen while the camera is scrolling up the front of a building. The game showcases the diversity of urban flora and fauna and informs the player about the possibilities of urban gardening.

Michaela Kaniber, the bavarian minister for agriculture playing Green Urban Climbing at “gruene Woche” in Berlin.

Photo: Astrid Schmidhuber/StMELF