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Green Urban Climbing

Green Urban Climbing is a serious game on the topic of facade greening. The player drives along a house facade and harvests growing facade vegetables. In addition, the player encounters various insects of the urban fauna, which she can collect by circling around them.

Crucial tasks in developing the application were:

  • Researching suitable insects and facade vegetables
  • Implementation of balanced game mechanics, which are understandable and entertaining for non-gamers
  • Technical implementation of a procedurally generated facade with different plant compositions
  • Design of the game’s packaging and supplement with facts about discovered plants and animals
  • Performance optimization for weak hardware (low-cost mini-PC for a trade show context)

Customer: Bavarian State Office for Viticulture and Gardening

Green Urban Climbing was developed for the Bavarian State Office for Viticulture and Gardening and was to be exhibited as part of the State Garden Show 2020 in Ingolstadt. The Office showed the game at the Green Week in Berlin (in January 2020), where many visitors including the Bavarian Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaniber played Green Urban Climbing.

January 19, 2022