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Skill Testing Minigames

In the skill-testing mini-games, the player is asked to estimate the length of procedurally generated lines and to match the configuration of two grids. Various parameters of the mini-games can be set by the player. The goal is for the player to find a configuration that is not too hard and not too easy for her.

Crucial tasks in the project were:

  • Conception of different minigame prototypes and (in cooperation with the customer) selection of two concepts for a first implementation.
  • Implement configurable rules so that eSports athletes can set the difficulty of games for themselves.

Client: eSports Player Foundation

We developed these prototypes as a first step for a project of the eSports Player Foundation. It was about testing the skills of eSports athletes. In the end, our prototype was not continued because the application requirements changed.

January 19, 2022
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